OSG is Now EverView

We are excited to announce our new company brand and technology platform of the same name, EverView. We have created an all-in-one SaaS platform that delivers what clients need to meet the rapidly evolving needs of their customers through billing, payments and marketing.

We believe in Customer Engagement Management. As customer preferences have changed dramatically and macro-economic factors have impact on cost and efficiency, businesses need to find a new way to communicate and engage with their customers. Through an omnichannel approach, we deliver print and digital solutions that substantially reduce billing costs, shorten payment cycles and solidify customer loyalty. By enabling digital paperless adoption journeys and accelerating payments all in one place, EverView delivers these experiences through a cost effective and customizable platform.

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Survey Results​

We conducted a survey to gauge the sentiment of decision-makers in the financial services, utilities, real estate, government and healthcare industries on paper billing and digital adoption plans.


of decision-makers report that increased paper costs had an impact on their business in the past year


According to respondents, the top barriers of converting customers to paperless billing are preference for physical copies of payment history (40%) and concern of forgetting to pay a bill without a physical reminder (39%)


of those who do not offer or promote paperless billing report that their reasoning for not doing so is that their customer base is not receptive of paperless billing.

For more details, view our survey findings here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQs for more information about our new brand and platform, EverView.

The new identity and platform demonstrate the company’s evolution from print and paper billing to a digital-first company. EverViewTM will play a pivotal role in accelerating our clients’ customers shift from paper to digital billing and payments, while helping clients meet their customers where they are.

Our omnichannel platform will enable our clients to customize how they want to process their own billing and payment operations, whether it is fully online or a mix of print and digital. This all-in-one approach will help them cut costs, shorten payment cycles, reduce clients’ environmental impact, and unlock new business opportunities. 

Existing customers, please schedule a platform demo or schedule a conversation with our client success team. If you are a new customer, please visit our demo form:

Our new platform provides users with a suite of options to engage with their own customers. They can see how customers are paying, select how they would like to present their bills and more. For more information, schedule a demo.

The icon evokes an infinity symbol. This represents our continuous innovation and comprehensive integrated solutions. “Ever” is our promise to always be there, ready and relevant to serve our clients. Our commitment to ongoing interactions that build into enduring relationships. And “View” stands for our clients’ ability to see both short- and long-term horizons. Our clients will get a more complete view of their customers interactions.

For Clients

Yes, our client success team will be happy to help. Please reach out to your client success manager.

Yes, our commercial team will be happy to demo the new platform. You can schedule a demo here: https://everview.io/schedule-a-demo/. 

Customer data and security is a top priority for the company. We have made significant investments in the last year to advance the maturity of our cybersecurity program. This roadmap consists of adding staff, improving processes, and implementing industry leading security platforms. 

If you are heavily reliant on paper billing, it will save you money. The paper industry is grappling with systemic challenges including sharp increases stemming from mill shutdowns and conversions to cardboard, labor and fuel costs, as well as the loss of the Asian market capacity. As a result, over the course of two years, cost of paper has steadily risen up to approximately 25% according to the U.S. Paper Price Index (PPI). By shifting to digital, you can cut those rising costs and get paid faster.

No, it will expand our offering and enable our clients to select the best mix of services, get visibility into how and when their customers pay (mobile, Apple Pay, credit card, etc.) and help clients turn ad capabilities and payment data into business opportunities.

No, if you are a paper customer you will not see a pricing change directly tied to this announcement. If you want to learn how the platform can result in savings, please book a consultation with our client success team. 

Contact your client success manager for more information about leveraging EverView.

It will not impact anything unless you are considering changing to our new platform. If so, please contact your client success manager. 

It will not impact the contract unless you would like to consider changing to our new service model. If so, please contact your client success manager.

The new platform, EverView, will allow you to take advantage of an omnichannel approach to communicating with your customers via a mix of print and digital communications and payment options. In addition, it can save you money while shifting your billing to digital and lowering your print fees. 

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