Pay Solutions

It pays to put digital first.​

Smarter solutions. Bottom-line impact.

Accepting payments quickly and securely through multiple channels is the best way to engage with customers today. We simplify your entire payments infrastructure by helping you integrate and manage powerful, scalable payment capabilities on an intuitive and configurable platform—a foundation for digital transformation.

B2B Automation

Expand your automation horizon with EverView’s comprehensive Accounts Receivable solutions.

B2C Payments

Exchange bills, payments, and communications the way you and your customers prefer.

Lockbox Processing

Streamline your check-based processes with a seamless integrated, flexible lockbox solution.

B2B Automation

Reimagine your B2B process.

Transformation through automation.

Our comprehensive suite of B2B solutions speeds up the revenue cycle for Accounts Receivable processes. Tailored to your organization’s business rules, these scalable solutions leverage automation capabilities to streamline cross-company functionality, enhancing communication, visibility, and operating efficiency between you and your trading partners.

Take manual AR functions and turn them into a touchless automated process. EverView’s end-to-end solution improves working capital, simplifies the workflow management process, and strengthens relationships with your partners.

Our services include:

  • A single-access portal
  • Invoice presentment, workflow management, customer notifications, and payment initiation
  • A versatile and easy user interface 
  • Fully configurable and easy implementation
  • Customer invoice import from any format—file, email, API, or even paper. Ability to review, approve, dispute, and adjust invoices
  • Automated data extraction, matching and consolidated view of cash application

B2C Payments

Rethink the payments landscape.

Empower customers to pay their way.

Meet the needs of all your end users with EverView’s omnichannel payment platform, which offers the freedom—and the security—to pay anywhere, anytime, from any device. Our solution is highly configurable, with virtually no technology resources required, to quickly deliver a user experience that is specific not just to your industry, but to your company. Tailor-made, down to the User Interface.


Our services include:

  • A fully customizable, mobile-friendly platform, integrated with robust administrative and Customer Service tools
  • Payments via web, mobile, mail, text, in person, and over the phone through an IVR or live CSR
  • Multiple payment methods including ACH, debit card, credit card, check, cash and Apple Pay
  • Variety of payment schedulers, including one-time, recurring, AutoPay, early payment discounts, and payment plans
  • Payments protected at every touchpoint with the strictest security and compliance

Lockbox Processing

Unlock lockbox.

Check payments made simple.

Even with the overwhelming availability of digital payment options, checks continue to make up a significant percentage of consumer and business payments. EverView Lockbox and eLockbox Processing streamlines the entire check payment process, efficiently managing every stage of the operation, including mail acceptance, imaging, exception handling, settlement, and remittance reporting.

Want to learn more about EverView eLockbox Banking?

Our services include:

  • Integration with our suite of digital payment solutions to provide your customers a variety of payment options
  • Expert processing technology without the cost of establishing and maintaining equipment and software
  • High-volume processing centers that get the job done quickly and efficiently
  • Centralized processing that expedites settlement timeframes, reducing the number of days sales outstanding and helping you optimize working capital
  • A single platform with a complete view of your receivables at every stage of the process
  • Continuous updates to mitigate risk and keep up with security and compliance standards so you don’t have to
  • eLockbox Banking: we convert what is a traditional bank check from a consumers account into an electronic receivable

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